Wholesale and Services

Our team of scientist, farmers, and extractors are here for you and your business every step of the way. From supplying the finest flower and extracts, to formulating your own products, we are here to service your needs.

Contract Growing

We can offer our farm for your growing needs. Our farmers have decades of growing premium outdoor hemp. You have access to 100 acres of fertile land and a team of farmers to maximize flower quality. We have partnered with with some of the largest breeders to offer the finest varieties for your needs.

Drying Services

With almost 40,000 sq ft of space, equipped with high quality netting suspended from the truss arches. This full service facility is designed to be a drive-thru of sorts for farmers. In-house labor crews will diligently hang your harvest with proper spacing to ensure adequate airflow throughout the entire process. Utilizing a massive array of industrial fans and dehumidifiers, the barns maintain an even, steady drop in moisture content which will put the finishing touches on your prized crop.

Flower Storage

Preserve your crop! We offer storage options for up to 100,000 pounds of hemp flower. Our facility is fully temperature, humidity and light controlled. We can preserve your crops quality until you are ready sell. We also offer bucking and trimming services to prepare your flower for a sale.

Toll Processing

We pride ourselves on our holistic and organic approaches to cannabinoid extraction. Optimized for quality, we have developed our extraction processes to maximize yields using organic methods. We can offer super critical CO2 and sub-zero ethanol extraction. Our lab promises full traceability and real time data as your material is being extracted.

R&D Services

Our scientist are at your service. The research and development department is continuously innovating and developing the newest products and services that will be the future of cannabinoids. Our team has worked with some of the largest corporations in the world, and now they are at your fingertips.

Available Wholesale Items


Available on the stick, bucked, or hand trimmed. We have a catalog of 18 different strains organically grown and cured by our team. Samples and COAs available per request.


Extracted and refined from our team of scientist, we offer cannabinoid extracts with a quality guarantee. We only utilized organic methods of extraction and separation. cannabinoid Isolates, Distillates and Full Spectrum oils are available through our lab.


Perfect for extraction or feed, Our biomass is organically grown on our farm. We offer full transparency and tracing of every product.

Bulk Topicals

Designed for and with local estheticians we offer our Muscle Rub, Face Serum and Body Balms in wholesale and private label quantities. All of our topicals are made in-house and have a leaping Bunny Certification.